Aner Health Services is here to make obtaining your Maryland Medical Cannabis Card easy and effortless. We are certified in providing Medical Cannabis recommendations and evaluations. Our healthcare providers are offering answers to any questions you may have and are open to discussing a more natural alternative to traditional pain, psychiatric and other chronic illness medicines. We are highly confidential and discreet. Discover the difference Medical Cannabis can make in your life from professionals you trust.

How to Apply for a Medical Cannabis Card in Maryland
  1. Go to this website and apply to be a Maryland Medical Cannabis patient:
  2. You will need to get copies of your medical records from your primary care doctor that shows that you do indeed have a qualifying condition for this treatment. 
  3. Schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation HERE. This will include a review of your medical records and a brief physical exam. The cost for this evaluation will be $199 and will be collected at the time of the evaluation. This evaluation is not covered by health insurance.
  4. Once we have determined that you qualify for Medical Cannabis, we will contact the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission and notify them of our recommendations of your qualification for Medical Cannabis. 
  5. Your Patient ID card will be mailed to you, while you wait, we will issue you a written certificate that you can take to a dispensary were you can purchase your Medical Cannabis.
  6. For re-certification, you will need to schedule a visit (telemedicine option available). Aim to schedule and apply at minimum 6 weeks prior to expiration to ensure no lapse in treatment.